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Transition Board

The merger of Shetland College, Train Shetland and the NAFC Marine Centre is being managed by a Transition Board which includes independent directors as well as staff and student representatives. (The Transition Board replaced the previous Shadow Board in July 2020.)

The Transition Board is required to ensure that the new college will meet the legislative requirements of an assigned college of the University of the Highlands and Islands and to work to the standards of the Code of Good Governance for Scotland's Colleges (see Further Information, below).

The Transition Board was established in July 2020, replacing the Shadow Board which was formed in 2019 to oversee the merger process. Unlike its predecessor the Transition Board has the authority to make formal decisions on issues relating to the merger, including setting up governance arrangements for the new college, approving its budget and setting its strategic direction (see the Transition Board Terms of Reference for further details).

Shetland UHI Ltd, the company set up to manage the new merged college, is constituted as a charitable company and members of the Transition Board have the roles and responsibilities of both company directors and charity trustees.

On completion of the merger process, the Transition Board will become the Board of Management of the new merged college.

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Further Information

  • Code of Conduct for Members of Shetland UHI Board of Management (download pdf).
  • Code of Good Governance for Scotland's Colleges (download pdf).
  • Transition Board Meeting Paper TB2021-07 - Steps to Becoming Assigned (download pdf) (17 Feb 2021).