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Chair Recruitment

Leaders inspire leaders: the role of Chair of our Board of Directors is not only to lead the Board but to inspire leadership in our students, staff and partners.


The new Shetland Institute UHI will be the single merged tertiary education institution for Shetland, the most northerly partner of the University of the Highlands and Islands. This is a unique opportunity to create a leading organisation.

The Board of the Directors of Shetland Institute UHI will play a vital role in its success, supporting the Principal, staff and students by bringing the critical thinking and good governance we require to develop and grow.

The Chair will bring skills and experience to lead the Board of Directors ensuring they are an effective, supportive group providing strategic direction to develop and shape Shetland Institute UHI.

Our ambitions to ensure all learners get the best possible opportunities, to meet employers’ needs and to contribute research, knowledge and expertise to Shetland and beyond, will need a hard-working Chair who will invest their time and energy in our future. 



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