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Shadow Board

The Shadow Board was established in 2019 to oversee the merger of the NAFC Marine Centre, Shetland College and Train Shetland.

The Shadow Board was replaced by the Transition Board on 15th July 2020.

Papers from meetings of the Shadow Board.



  • Davie Sandison (Chair, Shetland Fisheries Training Centre Trust) - Co-Chair
  • George Sutherland (Trustee, Shetland Fisheries Training Centre Trust)
  • Beth Mouat (Staff Representative, NAFC Marine Centre)
  • Glenn Gilfillan (Staff Representative, NAFC Marine Centre)
  • Peter Campbell (Chair, Shetland College Board) - Co-Chair
  • George Smith (Chair, SIC Education and Families Committee)
  • Theo Smith (substitute, Shetland College Board)
  • Andrew Anderson (Staff Representative, Shetland College)
  • George Wallington (Staff Representative, Shetland College)
  • Andrew Bowie (Student Representative)
  • Tegan Patterson (Student Representative)
  • Graeme Howell (Independent Member)
  • Irene Hambleton (Independent Member)
  • John Goodlad (Independent Member)
  • Karen Hall (Independent Member)
  • Lauren Doughton (Independent Member)
  • Jean Urquhart (Independent Member)
  • Steven Kerr (Independent Member)
  • Jane Lewis (Principal & CEO Designate)


  • Neil Grant (SIC, Director of Development)
  • Willie Shannon (Principal, NAFC Marine Centre)
  • Diane Rawlinson (University of the Highlands and Islands)
  • Sharon Drysdale (Scottish Funding Council)