Transition Board content

Transition Board

Terms of Reference

  • To set the strategic direction of the new institution aligned to that of the university.
  • To set up governance arrangements including committee structures (audit, finance, nominations, remuneration, learning and teaching, HR), committee terms of reference, external audit arrangements, internal audit arrangements etc in line with Scottish Code of Governance for Further Education in order to secure assigned college status with the university at the earliest opportunity post vesting.
  • To approve budget for institution.
  • To make decisions required pre vesting (including outcome of consultation) ensuring the transition is as smooth as possible for students, staff and other stakeholders.
  • To oversee the transfer of undertakings from the predecessor institutions (staff/assets/contracts etc).
  • To approve policies for institution aligned to those of the university single policy environment.
  • To ensure that compliance and internal control framework is in place to meet the requirements of the financial memorandum with the university.
  • To ensure that appropriate staffing structures, educational provision and operational arrangements have been put in place.
  • To ensure that charitable status has been secured for the institution.
  • To ensure that appropriate steps are being taken to optimise student recruitment.
  • To ensure that risk identification and management processes are in place and working effectively.
  • To participate as appropriate in university governance structures.

June 2020